4 Dec 2011

Wild Words - creative writing & poetry

Details of my course run via the Workers Educational Association, in Ashburton, Devon


We will be working on

fiction writing
- plot, characterisation, storylines, tension, voice
plays - introduction to script writing, devising, 5-minute dramas
poetry - contemporary verse, poetry forms, rhythm and flow, haiku, Beat poetry

and a range of creative learning methods, resources, discussions - and a deliciously creative appreciation of words and language.

Details on the link.

1 Dec 2011

Why We Must Invest More In The Arts

Because every day and night, there is music.

Because everyone has heard of Beethoven, Van Gogh, the Beatles.

Because small children practising dance routines, need a stage.

Because we are not machines,

and because kids who spit rhymes like a laureate's kiss deserve opportunities not to be missed

and because every day is a blank canvas, a masterpiece,

and life paints our stories in countless phenomenal colours.

Because of circuses, spectacles, blockbusters, rock festivals,

and because prisoners can learn to write memories for the people they could have been,

and because we are a nation of carnival queens

and salsa and samba and tango entangle us into expressing our reasons for being.

Because of seamstresses sequins, and scenery painters' brushes,

the Foley artist's portfolio of auditory scenarios,

and Romeo and Juliet, and for genius plays not written yet,

and white-faced mimes and pantomime again and again and again.

For the steady chip, chip of the chisel shaping an icon from Dorset stone.

For prima donna ballerinas, for instruments bowed and beaten or blown

and the opening night of every packed-out show,

for the old soldier making us weep with his poems,

because culture is capital and nobody knows where the economy is going.

For the canvases hanging on Museum walls, for museums without any walls at all,

for the pictures that speak a thousand multicultural tongues

for the lyrical languages spoken and sung

and because 'everybody loves a parade'

because how many dreams can come true on a stage?

And for every Grand Finale.