6 Sep 2011

Superstitious Doggerel

Don't walk under the ladder,
don't put new shoes on the table,
don't trust the tongue of an adder,
never let the cat near the baby's cradle,
if you spill some salt, then throw
some over your shoulder and wish,
kiss a chimney-sweep but don't get caught -
never smell of fish.

Don't put umbrellas up indoors,
never demand the impossible,
if you get run over wear clean drawers
for when you get taken to hospital.
Look out for a black cat crossing your path
don't wish for all that might have been,
dont listen to that ghostly laugh
that rings through the graveyard at Hallowe'en and

cross your fingers, cross your legs,
read the signs of the weather,
and I heard from a gypsy selling pegs
who gave me lucky heather,
that the seventh son of a seventh son
has stuck a silver pin in a figure made of wax,
and that you can't trust anyone
who's seen you through a wooden crack

but watch the cracks in paving stones
and watch out where you tread -
and whatever you do, or do not do:
you're going to end up dead.