12 Jul 2011

Symmetry Pebbles

Just a quick mention about Symmetry Pebbles - an excellent 'online poetry journal for new and exciting poets'.

It is edited by a friend, poet Richard Thomas, who has a keen eye and a great sense for selecting poetry that somehow 'hits the spot'. Great design and layout and easily readable.I sometimes struggle to read text on line - the sheer density of it- urgh! Symmetry Pebbles has grace and a sense of space. I read it every-so-often and enjoy the poems a lot - consistently fresh, quirky, moving, clever, delicious, provoking.

Symmetry Pebbles has been extremely succesful regarding responses and further contributions,from every sort of poet and from local to international - two of my poems have been selected for the September edition, (as well as several being published in a previous edition) I am most honoured.

www.symmetrypebbles.com Type name into search bar. Hooray! At last I'm new and exciting!