29 Apr 2011

UK women poets website directory

Just added myself to this.
(Glad I had my technician daughter Natasha age 12, to help me with all the techie stuff.)

What a good idea A-Gender is. It says this on the home page:

"A-Gender was formed in 2010, initially as a Google discussion group, as a result of perceived gender bias on the UK literature scene, by a group of female poets. It was observed that significantly more women than men attend creative writing classes, and are published in ‘starting out’ publications such as The New Writer, but that the higher up one travels into the upper echelons of literature – the prize short lists, and the publications with the highest kudos (the LRB, the TLS), the less women are apparent. "

Take a look here:http://a-gender.org/poets/lucy-lepchani