29 Apr 2011

UK women poets website directory

Just added myself to this.
(Glad I had my technician daughter Natasha age 12, to help me with all the techie stuff.)

What a good idea A-Gender is. It says this on the home page:

"A-Gender was formed in 2010, initially as a Google discussion group, as a result of perceived gender bias on the UK literature scene, by a group of female poets. It was observed that significantly more women than men attend creative writing classes, and are published in ‘starting out’ publications such as The New Writer, but that the higher up one travels into the upper echelons of literature – the prize short lists, and the publications with the highest kudos (the LRB, the TLS), the less women are apparent. "

Take a look here:http://a-gender.org/poets/lucy-lepchani

28 Apr 2011

The World is our Own Back Yard

If I stop throwing snails into my neighbour's garden
and she stops her cats from crapping in mine
and the kids accross the road stop dissing each other
stop spitting, stop hissing between their teeth -
start telling the little kids that their cycle helmets are cool

and people in their 4 by 4s stop driving past old folk at bus-stops
start giving them lifts all the way to the shops
then maybe they will buy apples for beggars
give smiles to stressed parents in supermarket queues,whose
snot-nosed kids squirm, screaming

then maybe all those parents would phone up their own and say: thank you -
thank you - and I love you,

then maybe all those loved-up mothers and good loving fathers
might contact their MPs and say: from now we will only vote for policies
that promise more love
and more love
and more

well then arms dealers will have to stay home, play golf
and peace will grow deep roots

and the people in my town will skip through the streets
and my neighbour will spay her six damn cats

oh if only, if only
I would stop throwing snails into my neigbour's garden.

From 'The Beckoning Wild' my pamphlet published by Acumen
Email me for details or see my earlier blog for Paypal link: £3.50

14 Apr 2011

Tagore Festival

Satish Kumar,editor of Resurgence magazine, has initiated the Tagore Festival at Dartington's beatiful Estate, from Sunday 1st to Saturday 7th of May.
Celebrating the life of India's Nobel poet, first avant-garde artist,and political activist, acts have been drawn from all over the world and include names such as Jane Goodall, Vandana Shiva, Deepak Chopra, Michael Morpurgo, and dozens of others. Activists, writers, dancers, musicians, and poets have been invited.

Thursday's event 'Gitanjali' is named after Tagore's esteemed poetry book,and takes place at nearby Sharpham House,. Its poets include Simon Armitage, Zena Edwards, Benjamin Zephaniah, Malika Booker, Brian Patten, Matt Harvey and others, as well local (Devon) poets, are taking part.

I'm running an event comprising a short talk and workshop called 'Divergent Fire - Tagore and Creativity' on Monday 2nd May at midday,and am also hosting one of a series of The Culture Cafe,on Wednesday 4th May at 5.30, doing a few poems including new ones. I'm looking forward to introducing some new and emerging poetry and spoken-word artists who are former students from my WEA classes. Both events at Dartington.

Details of all events: http://www.dartington.org/tagore

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