17 Mar 2011

Sugar and Spice and Big Girl's Blouse

First gig of the year - Sugar and Spice Cabaret at the Barrel House in Totnes on March the 8th, for International Women's Day - 100 year celebration. The venue was packed predominantly but not exclusively with women, the line-up rocked, and we raised £333 for charity

This event - and another on Friday 11th March Big Girls Blouse, were organised by the multi-talented Jackie Juno - poet, comedienne, singer, current co-Bard of Exeter - and many other wonderful things. http://www.brianabbott.info/jackie_juno.htm
The venue was at my house and next-door-neighbour Clare's house - both dwellings packed with lovely women who paid to see Jackie's one-woman show and a few poems by me, win things in the raffle, and to eat cake, drink wine and participate in a clothes-swap. New outfits for all.

Two hundred and something pounds (I have forgotten exact amount) raised for Womankind Worldwide in our living rooms, means that the innovations of Ms Juno and our particularly wonderful audiences raised nearly £600 for charity during this week.