4 May 2010

The Beckoning Wild

Delighted to get a packet in the post today - didn't know what it was until out tumbled copies of my new - and first - poetry pamphlet The Beckoning Wild, published by Acumen Publications.

It's available for sale from the publishers, at Acumen Publications for £3.50 including postage.
Also here, from me directly, pay via PayPal.

Artwork kindly provided by artist Brenda Rogers; it is her acrylic on canvas painting titled Shiva. I love it.

Here's a taster poem:

The First Cut

We smashed so many plates when we clashed
that we started to stock up on crockery:
stashed job lots, hoarded it up in the attic and under the bed -
ammunition for forecast showers of ceramic smithereens.

We stacked up towers of cracked Spode,
chipped Wedgewood sold cheaply in charity shops
and malformed pots rummaged from car-boots and jumbles.

His sulks predicted old crock cyclones,
my moods precipitating terracotta typhoons
let loose with teapots exploding from ceilings and walls
tea-cups trashed inelegantly

as bone-China shrapnel spun splinters
and fast flying saucers invaded the back of the skull

when we turned to observe those mosaic crash-landings
scatter into fragile

Love. Leaving us scarred all over.

(previously published in Unsung magazine)

I very much enjoyed working with Acumen editor Patricia Oxley, who selected the poems from my cacophanous mumble of written submissions and gave The Beckoning Wild its own clear voice and identity.Acumen's website - where you an also read about Torbay Poetry Festival, Acumen poetry magazine, and other good stuff.