20 Apr 2010

Published by Acumen Publications

I have enough poetry to be published in an anthology, and have been thinking for some time about who, in an ideal world, I would like to publish it.
As a newcomer, the larger publishing houses are unlikely to be interested. So I narrowed it down to three or four companies who might like my style, themes, etc; and who are active in the world or both publishing and performing.
I first approached Acumen Publications who have published 2 of my poems and one literary article in their excellent magazine, and who gave me a 'launch' performance during Torbay Poetry Festival 2006 and empolyed me to run a workshop in 2007.

'No, we don't publish any anthologies' said editor Patricia Oxley, in an email. 'But we do publish occasional pamphlets. If you would like me to consider this, please initially send me 6 poems.'

So I did; and then she asked for more; and I now have a pamphlet due out this month (May 2010).
It is called 'The Beckoning Wild' and has a cover picture that is a photograph of a painting by Brenda Rogers. I am really looking forward to it being in the world

ACUMEN POETRY: http://www.acumen-poetry.co.uk/.