20 Apr 2010

Catching up...

I have been so busy, that I am writing this in retrospect. All my good intentions to keep up have gone the way of the diaries of my youth. The present is always more engaging, the creative impulse always winning over the reflective moment. So, a few fleeting entries here in an attempt to get up to date.

Back in September I attended a workshop led by American Poet Jay Leeming. I love Jay's work - if you haven't come across him, heres his website link:http://www.jayleeming.com

The workshop was organised by Moor Poets, who are a local group that promotes poets, and the reading, writing, and performing of poetry. Their anthology publications are full of high quality work. Here's a link to Moor Poets website too: www.moorpoets.org.uk

Hares logo by Petra Tilly

They have an engaging new pamphlet, 'Wild Thoughts' that came out last year. One of my many tasks was the desktop publishing of all the poems into the booklet - other people had initially been engaged to do the task but had to cancel, and the project had a deadline. Not too demanding a task until I got to the printing. I have vowed before, never to get involved in printing, but what could go wrong, I thought? I had two excellent printing machines to work with. After a few pages rolled out I engaged in yet another tense, painful education about the compatibility of certain printers with certain settings on the software - and this time I absolutely vow to never, ever, ever, get involved in printing in bulk, ever, ever again.

The poems are wonderful, though, and a former student from my creative writing classes has some work in the pamphlet, as do I one written at Jay's workshop.