20 Apr 2010

'...and then she said...'

Last autumn, I had the privilege of collaborating on the creation of a cabaret in spoken word, with spoken word artist Sara Hurley and musician Rachel Miller. Piloting the event as 'A Feast of Spoken Word' in a charismatic local venue, the St. Lawrence Chapel, in Ashburton. We sold every last ticket as bums crowded seats! Lots of enthusiastic feedback, too.

Since then, we have gone on to tweak our performances a little, have re-branded the show as '..and then she said...' and are looking for bookings. Now. Please contact one of us if you would like to make a booking or see an upcoming show...

The artists: myself - performing ‘Landscape, Portrait,’ a selection of poems.

Sara Hurley: An actor and storyteller by night, and educator and community artist by day. Sara also directs creative arts company ‘Blazing Tales.’

She performs: ‘River’- a celebration of a changing landscape inhabited by haunting memories. Stories of human frailty and failure twist and turn with only the power of the nature at their side. Hear the river’s ancient chorus and see its heart, briefly revealed, in a new show with present day relevance.
‘River’ is composed for The River Dart, in Devon, a place that has inspired many artists over time. It is an invitation to a specific river, although its themes are universal.

Rachel Miller: Musician, Composer, Storyteller.
She performs: 'Selkie', a classic Celtic myth about a seal woman who has her skin stolen by a lonely hunter. It is a soulful and sensual tale of love, loss and longing.
Modern sound technology meets the poetic world of myth and music in these stunning solo shows. Rachel plays a wide variety of musical instruments, live on stage, and builds up evocative and beautiful textures of music and sound that conjure the images and emotions of a tale. The tale is told through a lyrical narrative written by poet Gwen Woolley.

'A mesmerising, hypnotic performance which transports you to another plane. Storytelling at it’s finest’. Barbican Theatre, Plymouth

'A captivating storyteller, creating a rich and atmospheric world, mysterious and delightful"
Sharon Gal, Resonance 104.4FM Radio, London.