10 Nov 2009


Haven't written anything for ages because I have been too too busy.

Prone to loquacity in my daily life, I only want to write anything here, that is part of my literary and creative life, and that might be of use or enjoyment to someone. I've had a delicious, poetry-suffused summer and autumn, so there are many words just waiting for their moment to be typed up.

I really do not want to discuss my jam-making projects, random serendipities, sketch book, gardening, weird friends, scandals, family matters, or whatever else on here.

As much as my private life has its exquisitely fabulous and deeply interesting moments, I'm quite a private person, conversely, for someone who sometimes likes a bit of showing-off on stage.

So, I will soon be both praising or cursing various literary events and venues where I have poesied this year; and will be saying all kinds of juicy things about other poets, and generally being opinionated, right here on this space.

Come hither...